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ePropertyWatch is the "stay-in-touch" system you've been waiting for! Homeowners receive custom monthly emails sponsored by you and your agents that track real estate activity in their neighborhood. With over 50% open rates, it's one of the stickiest engagement tools you'll find to keep your agents top-of-mind for years to come. Best of all, it's turnkey simple. You set it and forget it - we handle the rest.
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Why you'll love ePropertyWatch

Why are brokers across the U.S. praising ePropertyWatch?

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Why is ePropertyWatch great for brokers?

Stop agent churn

With over 50% open rates, ePropertyWatch emails will help your agents be remembered for years to come by their clients and prospects.

Information homeowners love

Why should your clients get information about their homes and neighborhoods somewhere else? With ePropertyWatch, you are the one giving them the information they crave.

Attract and retain the best

Great agents love tools that help them grow their business. Offering ePropertyWatch becomes a great reason to work with you.

Turnkey simple

You provide the homeowner addresses and we do the rest. It's a fully automated service that lets you "set it and forget it."

Discover ePropertyWatch

  • Enroll thousands of homeowners - potentially unlimited exposure to your brokerage.
  • Prominent sponsorship - each email and web page is sponsored with your logo and your agents' photo and contact information.
  • Simple client enrollment - auto-import your contact list if using CoreLogic systems (Matrix, AgentAchieve), or upload via Excel or simply type in addresses.
  • Auto email service - ePropertyWatch is sent directly to your agents' client with no effort required.
  • Online web pages - your agents' clients see up-to-date information about their homes and neighborhoods online.
  • Website widget - drop on your broker site and on individual agent websites for visitors to enroll themselves automatically. A great lead generator.
  • Monitoring - stay on top of who is engaging with ePropertyWatch.
  • Assign leads - with a single click, assign homeowners who enroll in ePropertyWatch on your brokerage website to be sponsored by any agent you choose.

How are leading brokers using ePropertyWatch?

Read the T3 Sixty ePropertyWatch case study and learn how Berkshire-Hathaway Home Services Fox-Roach - a leading broker in the Northeast with over 4,500 sales agents - is using ePropertyWatch to stay engaged with clients and prospects.

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