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Learn about events that affect the value of your home

Changes you probably didn’t know about can affect the value of your most important investment…your home. Nearby foreclosures can have a negative effect on the value of your home. When a home sells in your neighborhood, the sales price impacts the value of your home. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes not. We deliver this valuable neighborhood information for free.

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ePropertyWatch can help you stay on top of neighborhood changes that affect your family. You’ll get alerts and find out that there will be new neighbors in the area. We’ll alert you when there are new foreclosures in your neighborhood. Knowing foreclosure trends can factor into your home selling strategy. We show you the number of homes for sale and pricing trends in your zip code. In short, we’ll help you keep an eye on things.

We make it easy for you to keep track of the local real estate trends that really matter. ePropertyWatch will put email alerts into your inbox when changes occur. Links in the email let you find out more with just one click. Our easy to use website lets you see on a map where these changes are taking place.